Top 05 unspoiled places in Sikkim

Top 05 unspoiled places in Sikkim

1. Tsomgo Lake (Changu Lake):

One of the most well-liked tourist spots in Sikkim is Tsomgo Lake, also called Changu Lake. This lake, which is only 38 km from Gangtok’s main city, is a breathtaking sight. The trip to the lake itself is an exciting experience because the road winds through steep mountain terrain and imposing mountains. Visitors can take part in activities like riding yaks and horses while admiring the lake’s breathtaking splendour. Here, one may see migratory ducks like the Brahmini and gorgeous flowers like primroses, blue and yellow poppies, and Irish.

Tsomgo lake changu lake

2. Yuksom:-

Yuksom, a town in Western Sikkim, is renowned for its unspoiled beauty and rural allure. It is the starting point of a number captivating Himalayan hikes, including the enchanted Kanchenjunga. Yuksom has historical significance as the former Sikkimian capital. It offers calm beauty, thick forests, and beautiful scenery, making it the ideal location for nature enthusiasts and hikers.

3. Nathula Pass:-

Situated on the Indo-China border, Nathula Pass is a mesmerizing spot in Sikkim. It offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and is known for its strategic importance. Visitors require a permit to visit Nathula Pass due to its proximity to the border.

Nathula pass

4. Lachung, Lachen, and Yumthang Valley:-

Lachung, Lachen, and Yumthang Valley are united and provide a distinctive experience. Lachung and Lachen are lovely mountain towns, and Yumthang Valley is well known for its breathtaking vistas, particularly during the flowering season when a variety of flowers blanket the valley in vivid hues. These regions offer a glimpse of Sikkim’s pristine natural beauty.

Lachung lachen and yumthang

5. Ravangla:-

A quaint town located in South Sikkim, Ravangla offers serene surroundings and stunning views of the mountains. It is home to the Buddha Park, which features a 130-foot tall Buddha statue and lush green gardens. Ravangla is an ideal destination for those seeking peace and tranquility.

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